Hi everyone thankyou for taking the time to view my website ,i hope it helps you out with understanding my policies  with what i expect from my puppy buyers on finding only  best homes for my pups.These little fur babys mean the world to me & although i have so much enjoyment from breeding  , there also  comes a lot of heartbreak,sleepless nights money & hard work involved in breeding which suprisingly even though its not for the faint hearted like myself the good times of every new litter has out weighed the sad times , every litter is like  opening a new present  it is the most wonderful experience & keeps me going ,i learn something new everyday and will keep striving to better myself & the breed and to save the lifes of every puppy i can  .If you buy a puppy from me i will be here for you with whatever support i can help you with for the lifetime of that puppy i wont know every answer to every question you ask but i will try to findout the best i can . A bit about myself i started breeding as a registered breeder in 2009 from when i started my feelings have changed along the way.I have always wanted to show ,but with my own children to care for i stuck to the breeding side to start with & i am very happy i did it that way my dream is to be showing the dogs i breed & it takes a long time to get the soundness  yet type i want for the show ring .  In 2015  after having my last 2 children in their teenage years i found the courage  time to finally get  in the show ring with a little black n tan  smoothcoat  chihuahua called Sianjo Monique  a stunning typey little bitch  even though i did not breed her i wanted to title her and start my lines from her ,before i knew it had her pionts to become a champion it was a very proud day for me ,being titled in less than a year and she had a litter between ,i had  not relised how hard it could be to get pionts as my little girl went out and got her challenge pionts most shows ,until talking to another freind who explained she had been showing for a year and still did not have 1 piont ,then i relised how lucky i was to have started out with something so good ,now i have the bug and im striving to get my own prefix out in the ring ,i have just started with some of my own babys for 2016 and hope to have some rising stars from cutizele .pomeranians  chihuahuas .even though it is great to be showing it is not the most important thing in my life,having the quality time to sharelove  with all my furbabys will come first not the show ring because not everydog is a showdog some are about personanlity we need a bit of all these aspects  in our lines to make the perfect dog .



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Barragup, WA, Australia
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